• Ability to use your L-39 aircraft up to the final end of its airframe service life without dependence on the difficult to maintain AI-25TL original engine
  • Decreased fuel consumption by approximately 15%
  • Decreased maintenance cost with “support by the hour” program which FULLY COVERS:
    • Scheduled maintenance
    • Unscheduled maintenance (damages, leakages, broken items, etc.)
    • Foreign object damages (bird strike, stone hit, etc.)
    • Support by the hour concept is the most comprehensive maintenance planning tool delivering lifetime guarantee of the engine
  • Quicker maintenance turnaround – Major periodic inspections of the FJ44-4M takes 4 weeks versus 4-6 months for overhaul of the original AI-25TL engine     
  • Engine is started by an electrical starter. The original APU (Sapphire) will be removed with all its components thus saving weight




  • Improved acceleration time – 3-5 sec from idle to max versus 9-12 sec on existing AI-25TL engine

  • Decreased aircraft weight by approx. 330 lb – due to lighter engine and removal of heavy APU and balance weight